Missions Policy and Guidelines
The McCarthy Baptist Church Missions Committee has established the following policies and guidelines that help us make sure we are the most effective we can be while making the biggest impact through our short-term mission trips. If you have questions, or need further information, contact the McCarthy Missions Committee.
 Core Values
"He calls us to be His witnesses."
Acts 1:8
Mission Statement
The McCarthy Missions Committee seeks to support McCarthy Baptist Church as her members join with God in the sharing of His love, because He calls us to be His witnesses at home and to the ends of the earth.
Vision Statement
McCarthy Missions Committee seeks to support mission education and mission endeavors of McCarthy Baptist Church with the stewardship of her resources. This will happen through prayer development for missions, missions training for involvement, and provisions of materials including publicity and/or promotion, in order to support global and domestic missions.
Action Plan
1. Prioritizing missions and providing missions leadership ( McCarthy volunteer or staff).
2. Praying for missionaries and the unreached peoples of the world.
3. Providing missions education, information, events and displays.
4. Promoting cooperative missions giving.
5. Participating in missions projects.
6. Producing the missionaries for today and tomorrow.
7. Personalizing missions by adopting IMB personnel.
8. Partnering in missions efforts by adopting unreached people groups.
We will support mission endeavors at all levels:
 St. Joseph Baptist Association
 Missouri Baptist Convention
 North American Mission Board
 International Mission Board
Membership of Missions Committee:
The committee is composed of:
A Missions Coordinator and five (5) other mission minded individuals recommended to the nominating committee by the Missions Committee and submitted by the Nominating committee to the church for approval.
Mission Adoption Covenant
What Adoptees Can Expect of McCarthy Baptist Church:
  1. Prayer
  2. Systematic publication and promotion of strategic and personal prayer requests, and answers to Prayer.
  3. Attempt to directly provide what specific needs we can, and pray for God's provision for the rest. (McCarthy Baptist Church can't promise to meet every material or personnel need, but we sure want to have a shot at it, and will work to meet such needs as God provides through us.)
  4. We will welcome opportunities to send volunteer teams, as needs or requests are generated from the field, and as God calls out our people.
   What McCarthy Baptist Church Can Expect of Adoptees:
·         Keep us informed of strategic and personal prayer needs. As you are able, supply us with visual images of key people (including yourselves) and places we're praying for.
·         Let us know when there are specific material and/or personnel needs that we might help meet.
·         Keep us in mind when considering field needs for short- and medium-term volunteer teams.
·         Keep the missionary in the loop of contacts we make on the field.
 Advocate Job Description:
  1. Keep in touch with missionaries.
·         Get on their mailing list.
·         Offer encouragement.
·         Remind them we're praying for them.
·         Solicit prayer requests, specific unmet needs.
·         Celebrate answered prayer with them.
·         When an email newsletter is received print it out and mail it to interested people or groups who do not have or use e-mail; perhaps post it on certain bulletin boards.
·         Make newsletters, prayer calendars, pictures, etc. available to those who ask for more info. 
 2. Communicate prayer requests, specific needs and answered prayer to the church.
·         Digest newsletters, summarize in "bite-sized" item lists, suitable for putting up on a video announcement screen, and in the newsletter.
·         Connect our people both individuals and groups such as Small Groups, or missions groups—with the Adoptees directly, as much as possible; let our people know how to send a note of encouragement to our Adoptees, and how to get on their newsletter lists.
  3. Be the resource for more in-depth information about our Adoptees:
·         Be prepared to participate in missions celebration events, promoting awareness of and interest in your Adoptee.
·         Be knowledgeable about general information about your Adoptee; be ready to point people to sources of information.
·         Be informed about avenues of service for direct missions involvement (volunteering); be familiar with sources of information.
4. The Advocates for the people groups will write a vision statement. 
(This will facilitate more ease for decision making, once they are on the field).
Mission Trips:
McCarthy sponsored mission trips MUST have:
1.    Formal written request for approval by Missions Committee at least 90 days prior to departure.      
2.    A Mission Team Leader (A McCarthy Baptist Church Member) to accompany trip.
3.     Leader will follow through with final guidelines. (i.e., application process, etc.).
All foreign Mission Volunteers Must Complete:
1.    Current Mission Trip Application Form
2.    Medical Information form
3.    Mission Trip Contract
4.    Mission trip release (notarized)
5.    Attitudes and Actions form
6.    $150.00 non-refundable deposit 
7.    DFS screening
8.    Prayer Partner form
9.    Personal Interview with Mission leader
10.Complete the Missions Training Class
Requests for money for Mission work:
Request shall be submitted in writing to Missions Committee Coordinator for committee review and action.