Article 2

Young peopleThis article contains a small amount of text and a picture: insert a picture to your document by clicking on the "inser/edit image" button in the first row of buttons on the bar in the article's document editor. Hover with your mouse over different buttons to see a tip indicating what the button does. Right-click an image, or a table, or other objects in the body of the article in the document editor to see a context-sensitive menu of choices.

  • Link text or images in your article to other content on your site by highlighting it then clicking the first, "Inser/Edit Link", button in the first row of the bar. For example, linking to a person's Address Book entry means that your pages don't have to be kept updated with changing contact information - that's done by the user in one place, the Address Book. It also makes it harder for email spam robots to 'harvest' email addresses from your site.
  • Select the "Add Component" button to add a map, directory of organizations, or other component of web site content to your page.
  • Set the "Publish from" and expiry dates, and the "Visible to" settings for the article on its Properties tab in the document editor: this way, your web site content can be kept updated for you automatically and you can provide content personalised to users.