Quick Start Guide - Take a Tour

Welcome to the web site! This web site is a dynamic and interactive way to participate in the life of the community on-line. Whilst there is plenty of information for visitors to find out about us, this web site is primarily for you - and there's a whole variety of different ways you can participate and make the most of the facilities available.


This Quick Start Guide provides a brief introduction to some of the main features.


Much of the information on this web site is private. This means that as a visitor to the web site you may access some information (such as where and when we meet) but you will not be able to access secure areas such as the address book. To login click the Login link at the top of the screen. A window will appear where you can enter a login name and password; enter the details as supplied, taking care to use capital letters where appropriate.

Once the login process is complete a welcome message will appear at the top of the screen.

The front page

The front page of the web site provides a brief introduction to everything going on in the community this week:


A diary of events for this week.Each item is divided into two sections (e.g. Morning meeting @ Central Hall). Click on the first half of the item to display more information about the event or to contact the meeting organiser. Click on the second half of the item to see a map showing the meeting location.


Latest Articles

See a selection of the most recent articles added to the web site.  Click on the title to see the full article.

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Recent Forum Posts

A selection of the most recent contributions to the discussion forums and responses to articles.  Click on the text to display the full message or click View all forums to see a complete list of forums.

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The menu bar

The menu bar at the top of the screen allows you to access the rest of the web site. The main areas are as follows:

Click this option at any stage to return to the homepage.  Hover over the menu to access the following areas of the web site:

Forums - see a complete list of discussion forums; those forums with new messages will be highlighted.

Audio / Video - listen and watch the latest recordings.

Chatter - communicate with other members in real time using chatter zones.

Address Book - a directory of contact information for members only.

Calendar - click on this option to see the calendar for the current month.


Click on this option to see articles introducing us to visitors. Hover over the option to see more information about a specific aspect of our work.

Click this option to see articles and discussion forums relating to the entire community.  Hover over the option to see other groups – click on any item to see articles and discussion forums relating specifically to that group.

Contains seminar notes, teaching series, special features and other resources to use as a reference.

This section allows you to configure your personalisation settings, update your contact details, see when you are next scheduled to contribute to a duty and submit new articles for publication on the web site.